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As the world changes around us, so does the size and weight of bundles. We are noticing that new plants often have larger and heavier bundles than we ever expected many years ago. Being active as a leader in the world wide market of bundle pullers keeps us informed about new developments and helps us to change our designs according to the latest technological possibilities.

The Aerial Tube Bundle Extractor is a self contained unit, which is easily lifted into position by just one crane and can be operated by remote control. Because the unit is equipped with a small diesel engine, it can work independently at any place. The Extractor is standard equipped with a spark arrestor and it can even be equipped with a chalwin valve to make it possible to work even in dangerous areas.

The standard extractor is 8.00m in length and weighs 8,5T. It is suitable for use on all plate and tube heat exchangers up to 2.00m diameter and a maximum bundle weight of 45T. In case you might need a bigger or a smaller extractor, Peinemann can also make custom made extractors to suit your needs. Call us for any questions at 587-646-2008.

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BOLTERUP can supply an experienced bundle extractor operator and trainer to train up to five of your people at a time to operate a bundle puller. The training usually takes 3-4 days. It is best conducted during a shut down or turnaround situation to be able to pull a bundle in “real time.” In lieu of a “real time” training situation, we can also pull and reinstall a scrap bundle in a down yard if the company has one.


Factory authorized repair partner for all Peinemann equipment. Popular parts stocked in town and all parts available to order.


We work with several small businesses in the Fort McMurray area, offering bundle cleaning material shipping and heavy equipment rentals. Mechanical services Bolterup can provide on site include;

  • Bundle Extraction
  • Bundle Repairs
  • Bundle Tube Plugging
  • Bundle Tube Rolling
  • Bundle Tube Replacement
  • Bundle Tube Cutting
  • Field Machining
  • Cold Cutting
  • Field Flange Run Outs
  • Blinding and De-Blinding
  • Hydraulic Torqueing and Tensioning
  • Hydro Testing
  • Aerial Cooler Repairs
  • Aerial Cooler Commissioning
  • High Pressure Water Blasting Consulting


The Aerial tube bundle extractor is suitable for use on all Plate and Tube Heat Exchangers up to 2.75 m. Diameter and maximum bundle weight of 45 T at 10mtr and 50 T at the 7mtr length. The Aerial Tube Bundle extractor uses a special lifting frame, which is constructed in such a way that it has a maximum reach into the construction. The load is trimmed using an Aerial balancing Cylinder which makes it also easy to off load the bundles when the extractor is putdown on the ground.


Available through sub-contracting arrangements.

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Tom Wilson

Tom Wilson has 25 years experience as a heavy technician. He has focused the last 10 years in the oil and gas industry. Tom is a factory trained repair technician and trainer for industry leader Peinemann Equipment. Tom has gained a vast knowledge of the exchanger repair, wash and extraction industry. He has experience on several plant sites such as Suncor, Syncrude, CNRL, MEG energy and Nexen.

Daryl “Hobs” Smyth

Daryl Smyth has nearly 40 years experience in the Oil and Gas industry. He has gained his knowledge working on projects in several countries including The Middle East, Russia, Africa, USA, South America and the Caribbean. His career has been focused on plant maintenance and turnaround services. Daryl’s experience includes Plant repair, Bundle pulling, Field and shop Machining, Exchanger repairs, Exchanger cleaning and Lifting and Transportation of exchangers. He it trained as a Pipefitter, Boiler maker and Machinist. Daryl has worked on several plant sites in Alberta including Suncor, Syncrude, CNRL, Huskey, Albion, MEG Energy, Nexen and several other smaller oil and gas plants.

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